The Wayne Bradley Show

Wayne Bradley, a Detroit native is the host of the conservative online radio show, The Wayne Bradley Show, and founder of the Urban Conservative League, a non profit organization dedicated to bring choice in education to Michigan and working on solutions for Urban America. A successful real estate broker and entrepreneur, the show was created as a way to promote his ideas for the better direction of his city, nation, and political party all of which are seriously in need of new ideas, new people, and a new voice. Wayne has a large following of over 23,000 followers on Twitter and he has hosted such guests as Rick Snyder, Bill Schuette, Rep. Michelle Bachmann, Rep. Allen West, Rep. JC Watts, Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, Rep Pete Hoekstra, Star Parker, former MI Chairman, Saul Anuzis and many others. Wayne Bradley is quickly becoming a new and respected voice in conservative talk radio. He inspires to be a new voice of conservatism and looks forward to spreading his message while also looking to inspire thought provoking debate and helping the people decide what is best for the country. Wayne is married to Courtney Bradley and father to 3 children- Gabrielle, Madison, and Wayne III.