Armed American Radio

Armed American Radio is the official radio program of the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA). With tens of thousands of members and listeners in all 50 states, Armed American Radio fans are asking for the program to be aired in their market across the nation.Armed American Radio host Mark Walters, widely recognized as the nationally published columnist “The Ordinary Guy” for the USCCA flagship publication Concealed Carry Magazine brings hard hitting talk about the right to bear arms for self defense to the airwaves. A one of a kind program focusing on the right to carry concealed handguns, safety and training and everything else related to the right to bear arms for self preservation, Mark interviews some of the biggest nationally recognized names in the field of self-defense and tells the truth about concealed carry that the mainstream media simply ignores. Armed American Radio is wildly popular in today’s political environment and the program makes no apologies for proudly proclaiming the American birthright to keep and bear arms. The second amendment is not open for debate on Armed American Radio. Mark and his guests discuss the politics of guns and the things important to gun owners as the nation’s second amendment protections face continuous threats from the administration, well funded anti-gun groups and the mainstream media.